Sora Shopping Center

Shopping In Cluj, Sora Center

With a history that began in 1938, SORA Shopping Center has found a lot of place in the heart of the people of Cluj. In its evolution, SORA Shopping Center has imposed on the marked through renewal and continuous development, thus contributing to the alignment of Cluj at Western standards.

Today, SORA Shopping Center means:
- 77 shops on 3 levels
- cafe, fast-food, pizza, restaurant, casino, supermarket
- 20.000 visitors daily, 5000sqm.
- partners: Coca-Cola, Romaniafilm, the National Theatre, the National Opera, Vitrina Felix Media, Amprenta Advertising, Media Sound Advertising, Radio Mix etc.

Tomorrow, Sora Shopping Center will follow the same objective: to provide to all its customers novelty, variety, progress, a way of life.

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