The Turda Gorges

Turfa Gorge Cluj

Just 40 kilometers away from Cluj-Napoca, the Turda Gorges are a rocky spectacle, with a history of thousands of years and yet in a constant state of change thanks to the river that still meticulously continues its process of corrosion.

It is very likely that in Jurassic times, the great predators roamed these lands. This was the main sculptor, of course helped by time, of the 1270 m long rocky corridor that divides the geological structure of the Turda Gorges into two massifs, the Monastery Ridge and the Sand Hill. Once these massifs had been crossed by the Hajdatelor Valley, being a skilled and meticulous craftsman, the phenomenon of the valley's water flow led to the formation of the highest vertical walls in the Apuseni Mountains, with a span of approx. 250 m.

The spectacle shaped in the rock over the years gives us today the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of karst landforms.

The Turda Gorges are unique in that they can be crossed both at valley level and above the high slopes at a height of 300-350 m. For experienced tourists or those accompanied by mountain guides, these gorges offer the Via Ferrata route. With suitable climbing equipment, non-slip footwear and sports trousers for easy mobility, the Via Ferrata traverses vertically with a fixed metal cable, a level difference of 200 m height. Although it is a demanding route, the extraordinary view that is revealed to the viewers is fascinating. It is very important to mention that the Mountain Rescue team from Cheile Turzii can provide you with information on this trail. It is understandable that the route is not easy at all, and it takes more than 3 hours.

For those who are not fond of extreme sports and want to enjoy a simple walk through the Turda Valley, we mention that you have the opportunity to enjoy the phenomenon of birdwatching. Thus you can notice the more than 60 species of birds that live in this reserve.

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