Turda Salt Mine

Turda Salt Mine

Salt mining in Turda dates back to Roman times, being one of the most important economic activities that contributed to the development of Potaissa, along with its military importance.

There are historical arguments that the exploitation of salt in this area continued after the Aurelian retreat. The first document attesting to salt extraction dates back to 1271.

Today, the saltworks is a veritable museum of salt mining history. The excellent state of preservation of the mining works and the machinery used to transport the salt, together with the care taken in preparing the salt works to become a tourist attraction, have made history and legend blend harmoniously here.

The Turda Salt Mine consists the Rudolf Mine, the Ghizela Mine, the Terezia Mine and the Franz Josef Gallery. In the Rudolf Mine there is a concert hall, sports ground, bowling alley, minigolf and a gondola, and in the Terezia Mine a jetty has been built for tourists to go boating on the salt lake.

The microclimate of the salt works well for treating respiratory diseases.

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